The Pirate Puerto Morelos

Mexican and international food, with organic elements, but with a taste of home.

Fresh and well-made food will always remind us of something: mom, grandmother, family parties, gatherings, travel, childhood … that food for and forever remains stored in the memory of our palate, and that is why when we eat it again, we feel a certain joy that leaves a smile on our face.


Soul, heart, organic elements of Koox Ich Kool and a lot of flavors are basic ingredients that can not be missing in the menu of El Pirata Puerto Morelos, which since 2015 has stood out for having designed dishes to conquer the most demanding palate.


Organic products (grown in the restaurant garden), the catch of the day, totally fresh local ingredients and some fresh cuts, are the star elements of the food menu of this place where the recipes, in addition to being prepared at the moment, have that touch of warmth that causes diners to remember or have a connection with some pleasant memory of your life.


That is why the El Pirata restaurant in Puerto Morelos has been a legend since 1988 and for the last two years it has been the only one that really cares about the connection that the customer has with that food that makes him so happy, while still taking care of the healthy and fresh in each of its products because as Chef Romo says, graduated from the Universidad Claustro de Sor Juana, one of the best in the country to study gastronomy, “nothing as comforting as eating comforting food.”