Koox Ich Kool: an organic experience located on the Cenotes Route.

Koox Ich Kool, in Mayan: “let’s go to the garden”, is the ideal place for you to disconnect from everyday life and enter into a connection between nature and a first-class gastronomic offer; where organic elements of the garden, which are cultivated and harvested by Roque, are a fundamental part of this Grupo Kaam tour.


The menu prepared by Chef Karla Romo, has a fine selection of local elements and friendly organic farms, it is also accompanied by the best selection of organic mezcal with designation of origin and house wine (red and white) made in the Valle de Guadalupe and especially for the menu that Koox Ich Kool offers to each of the guests.


In addition to the gastronomic experience, in Koox Ich Kool we offer a guided tour of the organic garden by the hand of Roque, a descendant of the Mayan culture, and who works as the caretaker of the farm. In addition to this, he will also give you a tour of the Mayan jungle that surrounds the garden, all this while Chef Karla Romo prepares your meal.


The experience in Koox Ich Kool has a duration of 6 hours (approximately and includes: transportation (Puerto Morelos – Koox Ich Kool – Puerto Morelos), a tour through the orchard, a tour through the jungle, access to the pool (with cenote water) and the 6-course buffet prepared by Chef Karla Romo.