The Cenotes Route and the most visited

Few know what the cenotes meant to the Maya.

These “water wells” were sacred to the Maya, because for their culture they meant connection with the underworld and a way to communicate with the Gods, as well as being the main source of fresh water during the long periods of drought.

Recently, archaeologists have found, in the vicinity and within the cenotes, accessories and remains that were part of the Mayan ceremonies or rites, which have endorsed all the connection that the Maya had with the cenotes and their beliefs.

For lovers of Mayan culture or simply looking for something different to do, The Cenotes Route is an unprecedented aquatic experience. & nbsp; It is located between Cancun and Puerto Morelos and is a natural tour that enchants the senses of those who live it.

During this journey, visiting tourists will be able to observe each of the natural wonders (flora and fauna of the region) that surround each of the cenotes. It will be really amazing everything that your senses can observe and live.

Some of the most recommended cenotes to visit are:

  • Cenote Las Mojarras
  • Cenote Siete Bocas
  • Cenote Boca del puma
  • Cenote Verde Lucero
  • Chilam Balam
  • La Noria (Tres Reyes)
  • KinHa
  • Cenote Zapote


Foto: Pexels