Chile en Nogada: A classic of Mexican gastronomy

The Pirate Puerto Morelos of Grupo Kaam committed to the most vulnerable groups in the community of this charming town, so it will donate 50% of its sales from this historic dish.

There are different versions about the origin of this classic dish of Mexican food, however it is said that the Chiles en Nogada were born in the 17th century in the convent of the Clarisas nuns in 1821 when they and some ladies of high society of Puebla offered to Agustín de Iturbide this special dish when he returned from signing the Treaties of Córdoba in Veracruz.

Another version and perhaps the most romantic, written by the writer Artemio de Valle-Arizpe, reports that in the Army of the Three Guarantees, there were a couple of soldiers loyal to the Mexican Armed Forces and their girlfriends were waiting for them excited. They, originally from Puebla, wanted to receive them with an unforgettable detail, so they created the Chiles en Nogada. Each one of them chose an ingredient that represents the color of the army, so the green, red and white details are the most prevalent in this dish.

Both recipes agree that the procedure and basic ingredients to prepare Chiles en Nogada are:
Roast and peel poblano peppers, then clean them very well inside. Once cleaned, we proceed to fill them with a very special hash (stewed pork with ingredients such as: tomato, onion, garlic, dried fruits of the season, nuts, almonds, pine nuts and some characteristics).

Once filled, bathe in a white sauce or nogada. This sauce is made of castle nuts. To make this sauce you have to peel the nuts perfectly, they are ground with a little cheese and sugar. They are mixed with a little milk and sherry wine. The sauce should not be too thick or too watery.

Fun fact: Some specific recipes heat the peppers and then fry them, however they can also be without following this procedure. Finally, the dish is decorated with grains of red pomegranate and parsley leaves, representing the colors of the flag.

Would you dare to try this classic dish of Mexican cuisine? During September, El Pirata Puerto Morelos will participate in the Chile en Nogada Fair, 50% of all earnings will be donated to the DIF of Puerto Morelos. 

El Pirata Puerto Morelos is part of the Grupo Kaam **, a socially responsible Mexican company  100% committed to the Puerto Morelos community.

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